All Cadman Towers waiting lists are posted in the Community Room at 10 Clinton Street.  This is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The one bedroom waiting list is being opened via a lottery administered by HPD. You can click on the link here or go to the HPD Mitchell Lama Connect web page for details about how to enter the Lottery.

Currently, Cadman Towers has an extremely long waiting list and therefore is not accepting new applications at this time for two and three bedroom apartments.

As of June 2019, for a one bedroom apartment we currently are up to log number 349 (on the 2010 waiting list).

As of October 2018, for a two bedroom apartment we are currently up to log number 239 (on the 2010 waiting list).

As of October for a three bedroom apartment we are still working off of the 2001 waiting list.  The last application that was processed was applicant #23.